day 3K143: Frunks

“Friends, why are you doing this? We are merely human beings—just like you! We have come to bring you the Good News that you should turn from these worthless things and turn to the living God, who made heaven and earth, the sea, and everything in them.”

I have a Frunk. It’s not my first one. I originally had one when I owned a 1972 VW Beetle. Today, I have one with my Tesla 3. A Frunk is a trunk in the front of a car. The new Ford EV 150 promotes its’ Frunk as an important feature. As we get more and more electric vehicles we will have to get used to having Frunks. But Frunks aren’t all that convenient to use. Think that we pull into our garages, not back in. And we pull into parking spaces where it isn’t easy to access the Frunk between the car parked in front of us. This is a reminder to me that when we change one part of an experience or use it doesn’t guarantee that the utility of the change will occur unless all the aspects of the experience are addressed.

As committed Believers trying to bring glory to God in our work we should always be trying to positively move forward with change in the parts of our lives that might be holding us back and away from Him. When we surrendered our lives to Him we were making a commitment to changing all parts of our life experiences. So yes, there will always be new parts of our lives that we will experience (new jobs, new geographies, new relationships, etc.) and yes, we need to assure that they fit into our lives in a way that God desires.

Reference: Acts 14:15 (New Living Translation)