day 3K367: Context Shifting

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

I am (like many of you) on Zoom and phone calls all day long jumping back and forth from subject to subject with different people on so many different topics.  I’ve come to believe that successful context-shifting is a skill to be perfected.  That said, it is not for everyone. The best sales people might be the ones that consistently work an industry vertical so that they have a mastery of the problems, players and opportunities within that vertical, turning their knowledge into a competitive selling advantage versus the person who just drops in and out occasionally. I personally, like context-shifting throughout a day as it keeps my mind having to be sharp and ready. I also try and find patterns and analogies that can be made from one conversation to another.  Many times that is easier said than done.  And, we will all will be faced with having to quickly shift contexts in our work and it is best to have a welcoming attitude for what might come next.

God knows that we walk through all kinds of contexts each day and have to shift from one to another. And He also knows that in order to make the most of this life that we need to make Him the one true constant.  It is why He never changes.  If He did then we would be grasping around trying to find our balance all the time without anything to grab onto or stand firm upon. He never shifts, regardless of the context.  That is an assurance we can hold onto regardless of any change that comes.  We can carry that assurance with us into our work, our relationships and any part of our life.

Reference: Hebrews 13:8 (New Living Translation)

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