day 3K132: Embarrassment Of Riches

“So don’t be impressed with those who get rich and pile up fame and fortune.”

It is nothing new that the rich and powerful do what they can to amass more power and greater wealth.  When they do, it still grabs the headlines.  Elon Musk’s buyout of Twitter (if it goes through and I still believe it to be an if) is the latest example of this happening.  And, we get all up in arms about this when it is no different than centuries ago when a few at the top owned all the newspapers, transportation systems and oil supply and production.  History repeats itself, only interrupted and paused by death until the next cast of characters step in and take over.  I don’t know how Twitter will resolve itself and I’m not sure what the impact of Elon will have as the larger players of influence are still being led in ways which one person has total control over the company and what they decide to do has a much larger influence.  Our system of capitalism is one where this can happen legally and is celebrated.  We never know how it will go but if not careful there is an embarrassment that can go with the riches.

We are not to fall for or be impressed with those who are rich and amass fame and fortune.  It is clear in the Psalms that we have to guard ourselves from that happening.  It is in our human nature to not only want this fortune and fame, but to lift up those who have it so we feel like we are living vicariously through them, whether we know that is what we are doing or not. It is dangerous territory and if we don’t check our hearts and minds constantly, we can fall for things that we later regret.  So today, let’s run a heart check to assure that we aren’t looking to the wrong places for our direction and influence.

Reference:  Psalm 49:16 (The Message)