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day 1346: Congestion vs. Freedom

“For the Lord is the Spirit, and wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”

Last week I wrote of the 25th anniversary of the Internet.  A week later there is lots of new talk about the congestion of the internet as both Netflix and Apple are talking to Comcast about streaming their services over cable.  The internet, for a moment there, looked like the end of cable.  We were all to be free of the high fees and reliance on what was programmed.  But, it appears that for those who dropped their cable service for an Apple TV set-top-box, the freedom is ending.  But, of course Apple will still stream over the internet, but I will say here and now that not too far after the deal is done, along will come a program that only those who are on Comcast will be able to view. It will be disguised as a benefit, an extra, or a bonus, but we will know better.  What does this mean for the rest of us? It might mean more choice. Or, it might mean more consolidation. What it will mean is that some of the beauty of the wide open and far ranging internet is being lost and that we didn’t think far enough ahead to keep the pipes large enough to handle all internet traffic, that the congestion is starting to change the rules.

When we get congested, we have no choice but to slow down and be patient and wait for the congestion to pass.  Or, we find other ways to get done what we need to do. Congestion brings a feeling of the loss of freedom and ability to choose.  Sometimes it feels like we get congested spiritually.  But, God is just the opposite.  When if feels like God has moved from us, we need to question who really moved…Him or us?  Easy answer, but sometimes hard to accept. He frees and allows us to flow with His spirit, when we allow Him honestly into our lives. I am always in admiration of those who look to God in both the good and the bad times, with same amount of dependence and trust, regardless if things are up or down. This is what He asks of us.  Will we today listen and accept the gift?

Reference: 2 Corinthians 3:17 (New Living Translation)