day 3K134: Dignifying

“Dignify those who are down on their luck; you’ll feel good—that’s what God does.”

I saw a statement that was addressed to a company from an employee.  It summed up a lot of what we are hearing in today’s workplace.  It said (and I paraphrase as I didn’t take a picture or write it down at the time…I wished I had), “Thank you for all of the perks, benefits and pay but I’ll gladly trade them all for greater displays of dignity, respect and care.”  Wow.  There has always been a “Maslow’s Hierarchy” when it comes to work, but even below that most basic level of provisions, are the underlying human needs that can be way more powerful and sustaining than we think.

Consider today that the words dignity, respect and care all can be converted into action verbs: “Dignify”, “Respect” and “Care” for others.  If we do those things today, we are following in the ways of our Lord.

Reference:  Psalm 41: 1-2 (The Message)