day 3K135: Fitness and Wellness

“Whenever we’re sick and in bed, God becomes our nurse, nurses us back to health.”

I’m just coming out of a bout with COVID.  Yes, after 2+ years of precautions it caught me.  It was an honest mistake as a friend who didn’t know he had it, inadvertently coughed on me as we were going through his record albums.  It was weird, as I knew immediately I’d been exposed and it was confirmed the next morning when he tested positive and I did the same 2 days later.  It has been a good reminder for me that the fitness and wellness programs and approaches that we have worked so hard on within Corporate America are important.  When fitness and wellness is taken from us, it reinforces to us how important it is to keep moving, exercising and stretching our bodies.

Our inner fitness and wellness matters too.  While I was down (about 4 and half days) it was good to know that our God is not only the great physician but He also takes on the quality of a great nurse who cares and watches over us in strength, weakness and recovery.  It would be awesome to always be healthy, but it doesn’t work that way.  When we aren’t, our inner fitness and wellness can still be strong and always improving.  So, today let’s work on that inner fitness and wellness just as much as we do with our outer priorities.

Reference:  Psalm 41: 3 (The Message)