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day 3K5: Results

“Yes, just as you can identify a tree by its fruit, so you can identify people by their actions.”

If you use a Google Chromebook and tried to log in over the past week and couldn’t get in, its not you.  While updating their source code, a Google programmer left an “&” in the code and it messed everything up.  It took them a while to find it.  We have heard stories of mechanics who leave a tool in an engine when putting it back together, or a surgeon who leaves a surgical sponge within someone’s body, or the stuff they find floating in space inside the space vehicles that were left mistakenly and don’t show up until they hit anti-gravity, but we don’t hear much about leaving an extra character in a line of code.  But, it happens all the time and when it shows up it causes all kinds of problems. These mistakes are results and results matter.  We can’t hide from results and just as we want to be recognized positively from good results, we have to accept what comes from not so good results.  Bottom line: our actions as a company, organization and employees always matter.

We are identified by our actions and they become the results of our character.  That’s what Jesus told His Disciples and what He is telling us.  While we might not think much about our daily actions having an impact on others, they do and way more than we think. People are always watching and wondering how others respond, react or take action.  These actions are our fruit and if we want to be sure that they can be identified as coming from God’s vine, we have have to be diligent, disciplined, care deeply and ask God to help us be the best we can be so the results will be what He wants to do through us.

Reference:  Matthew 7:20 (New Living Translation)