day 3K164: Forced Withdrawal?

“If only you would prepare your heart and lift up your hands to him in prayer!”

I’ve written about it before; we are overwhelmed and overstimulated by the amount of stuff that is pushed to us.  These stats are scary:

  • Two-thirds of American adults routinely look at their phones even when they’re not pinging or buzzing.
  • And the problem is worse for the next generation: A whopping 87% of U.S. teenagers have iPhones.

So, where does it end?  Axios (also where the stats above come from) wrote an article on forcing ourselves into boredom as one of the answers.  I’m not sure about that.  I don’t think we are built or wired to just be bored.  Boredom seems a waste of our minds and time. But, to be contemplative, meditative, intentional in our thoughts without external distraction is worthwhile. We have already seen a rise in mental wellness efforts and I believe we will see more offerings to be intentional about unplugging and getting to a quiet space and place.  But, all of that starts with us.  No one else but ourselves can move us to a place where we lessen our dependence on incoming stimulation.

As Believers we are invited to always be in the act of prayer.  To speak with God is to be with Him in our hearts and minds.  We can’t be in intentional prayer if we are constantly saying, “Excuse me Lord, I need to respond to this text, I’ll be right back.”  Prayer is good for us. It can be not only what God wants but it can be restorative to our minds and souls.  Today, when we feel the desire  to unplug and quiet our minds, then let’s consider that we can turn prepare our mind and heart and turn to Him in prayer.

Reference:  Job 11:13 (New Living Translation)