day 3K157: The Pursuit Of Freedom

“And you will know the truth and the truth will set you free”

“We are going to get to the bottom of this!”, said the CEO with an emphatic tone. The Zoom ended abruptly and everyone was now in search of one thing and one thing only; what was the truth?  This is not an unfamiliar scene.  It happens everyday in companies across America. It’s not always the CEO who is in search of the truth, it can be anyone who feels like something has been hidden, a corner cut, a shortcut taken, a little white lie told, a misrepresentation made, a pointed finger position held. If we calculated the cost of searching and finding the truth in corporate America, I believe we would be staggered with the number we would find. So, why does the truth matter?  Because the truth is what truly sets us free.  Yesterday we celebrates our county’s independence and ultimately our freedom.  That freedom, which brings certainty and security, is based on a set of truths that we are to always pursue. Finding the truth is not always easy and it is frustrating to think that we must spend as much time as we do on retrieving it, understanding why the truth was compromised and bringing to justice and accountability those who broke the truth, but that is what we must do.  Any organization, whether a business, a club, or a community must adhere and pay attention and also share a commitment to the truth if they want to truly experience what freedom can be.

As believers we bow to the throne of truth and in Him we are set free.  If we pursue His truths with all our heart, we can experience the fullest of freedoms. And in turn, we must pass this Truth on to others.  It is in this area that we can be so influential and uplifting to others in our work. What better way to be known than to be known to be the person who, regardless of circumstances, can be counted on to tell the truth?  The truth comes from our Lord.  Let’s not miss the opportunity to allow others to see and wonder at the freedom we have in the Truth that is Jesus.

Belated Happy Independence Day and please don’t stop giving thanks today for all the freedoms that we do have in this, not perfect, but still great country!

Reference: John 8:32 (New Living Translation)