day 3K162: Bioswales

“He said to his disciples, “The harvest is great, but the workers are few.”

More and more cities are creating Bioswales.  In the past we would refer to them as nicely planted medians that separated roads and walkways.  But, we have learned over time that they serve more than the purpose of beautification.  When planted and irrigated correctly, they can draw the heat out of the atmosphere, causing a cooling of a city and also they can absorb emissions and carbon that is exhausted by cars, buses and trains.  Those medians, can become Bioswales, which are like an oasis in the midst of the concrete jungles.

Are we being God’s human Bioswales?  Are we providing the extra breathing room for others?  Are we looked upon as a person of respite and one who can provide relief from the exhaustion that others are experiencing?  Are we an oasis that others can see the beauty and refreshing of God’s water and love?  For God’s Kingdom to be realized and harvested, we need to be more.

Reference: Matthew 9:37 (New Living Translation)