day 3K271: Leaving A Mark

“…but He never left them without evidence of Himself and His goodness.”

“Kilroy was here.”  That was a popular graffiti back in the day.  Apparently Kilroy started in World War II and lasted for decades.  Now, we leave our marks everyday.  It happens when we “check in” on Facebook or Instagram and then we post or tweet a picture to prove we were someplace. In our own little way we are putting our “mark” on a place or an event. Business is one of the few places in life that we mostly just “pass through”, without much emotional or historical connection.  I remember watching a consultant pull out of the audience someone who was high ranking in his organization.  He was the Chief Accounting Officer of a very large and prestigious company.  He brought him on the stage and interviewed him about his job, his impact, and the legacy he was trying to build within the organization.  The Officer felt pretty good about the what he was doing and that his legacy would stand in the company.  The consultant humored him and then asked, “What was the name of the person who had your job before you?”.  The executive answered quickly.  The consultant then asked who was in the job before him? The executive stood their baffled as he had no clue.  The consultant made his point about legacy building within companies. If you work in a big company, ask the same about your own job.  Do you know two to three generations before you who was in the job and what they accomplished and left behind?  If we run businesses, this is the time to stop and think about what “mark” that is indelible that someone can feel they will have always left behind.  Figure this out and you will have unlocked something special and certainly long lasting.

God put us on the earth to bring glory to Him in all that we do, to love Him with all our heart and to love others above ourselves.  When we do this, this is our “mark”.  And what better mark is there? Very shortly, our careers will be over.  We won’t be called upon to lead or contribute.  When that happens, our lives will change, but our mark will still be able to be made in the places that matter the most, the lives of others. Today, as we finish this week and for some go into a three-day weekend, start today with what it is that you can “mark” and leave an impact on others where they will see that God’s love is at work through you.  This might well be the thing that is remembered, changes a life, and leaves a mark for generations to come.

Reference: Acts 14:17 (New Living Translation)