3K269: Mind Readers

“God would surely have known it, for he knows the secrets of every heart.”

I love this quote by restaurateur, Will Guidara; “Every manager lives with the fantasy that their team can read their mind. But in reality, you have to make your expectations clear.” Is this ever true or what?  It seems like the only time we think people can’t read our minds is when they don’t then we get upset at them for not doing so.  Hints and cues management is never effective.  We need to be clear and without confusion.  If we aren’t sure, we need to ask people to tell us what they are hearing.  If it’s not clear, then we repeat and ask again, until it is crystal clear. Want to be excellent at leading and want excellence from your team?  Don’t ask others to be mind readers.

God certainly knows what’s on our minds, but is He a mind reader?  He has the power to be one, but does He exercise that power or does He wait until we actively move our minds to Him and ask Him to hear us?  Someday we will know, but for now, we do know that He can read our hearts and our hearts hold no secrets from Him.  Today we will have many things on our mind and many things in our hearts.  Which ones will we bring to Him as we go through our day?  Imagine the day it could be if we let Him be with us each and every minute.  That would make it a very special day!

Reference:  Psalm 44:21 (New Living Translation)