day 3K270: Upgrade

“Then David summoned all Israel to Jerusalem to bring the Ark of the Lord to the place he had prepared for it.”
We bought a new mattress for the guest room.  We did it because we’d upgraded and changed our own bedroom mattress and felt that if we were taking care of ourselves, we need to also be taking care of our guests.  The guest room is a little like the places in our companies and organizations where we never visit and we just take it for granted that everyone else has it as good as us.  You might be frightened if you looked at all you have and then slept one night in the “guest room” and made the comparison.  You probably will find a few places that need an upgrade and a new mattress!
Jesus, while in his ministry, never had a home.  He traveled and slept in a different place nightly.  He was among different people each day, experiencing and listening to what was being said in the streets.  It is no wonder that he could communicate with such authenticity and relate to everyone.  Jesus understood what people were going through because he was in their “guest room” every day.  He still is.  Jesus comes into our lives if we invite Him.  He comes to work with us if we bring Him along. Jesus is the humble guest who never complains when we don’t give Him our best, and He keeps coming back for more regardless. We need to consider what kind of guest room we are preparing for our Lord and for others when they look to us as a example of God’s love and ways.
Reference: 1 Chronicles 15:3 (New Living Translation)