day 3K252: The Only Constant

“Your commands make me wiser than my enemies, for they are my constant guide.”

One of the harder tasks we have in planning our businesses is to find the “Constants” that we know we can build upon.  I find that too many times, business leaders brush over these or take them for granted instead of knowing, defining, protecting and living up to them.  For those who can describe their constants, such as products, geography of service, values, technical advantages, etc. we can tend to not spend enough time digging into them to ensure that these are solid and strong.  For example, many a CEO or leader will speak of their commitment or value of service or quality as a constant of their business but then stop short of digging in to be sure that the people who must deliver and believe these constants are capable, willing and committed to upholding the constants. Constants can’t be variable, they must be always the same.  I had this experience on a recent trip. I belong to the American Airlines Admiral’s Lounge program.  They speak of their constant of service and offerings.  But it is variable, so it is not a constant as I now have come to expect that the Lounge in Terminal 8 of JFK (now named the Greenwich Lounge) will be understaffed and therefore not cleaned up of used cups, glasses, etc.. There will be a broken something (Coffee Machine, soda dispenser, etc).  And, if I go to other Lounges around the country I will find worn out seats, dated spaces, etc.  This is not to bash on AA, only to make the point that a constant has to be a constant or it isn’t one.

In our work and lives we look for what constants we can build upon and it should be obvious to us by now that only our Lord is the true constant.  He is faithful to His promises and when all else is failing we can fall back upon Him.  It’s our tendency to remember that when we are slipping or flailing, but let’s also remember today that there is power and strength in building up Him being constant with us daily.  Let’s call on Him to help us build what we are to do and achieve today.  I promise you, He is constantly here and with us.

Reference:  Psalm 119:98 (New Living Translation)