day 3K243: When Nature Calls

“I will meditate on your majestic, glorious splendor and your wonderful miracles.”

We can learn much from nature if we only would pay attention to what is right in front of us. Did you know that when we placed those lights on our Christmas trees or on our mantle that when we let them hang naturally from point to point that they are creating a mathematical curve called a Catenary?  We see it all the time, but probably never recognize that it is the same draped arc mathematically each and every time.  Have any of those Italian lights strung over your porch or in the backyard?  Take a look at them. Those are are a Catenary arc too.  Why is this even relevant?  Well, because if you invert that arc it is this “perfect arc” for a vaulted roof. It is said that Englishman Robert Hooke was who recognized this first when building St. Paul’s Cathedral.  I am sure Hooke was someone who was paying attention to the world around himself and looked at nature as an important part of how things work.  Nature is always calling to us and there just might be something today that we are missing that we just need to look at more deeply.

God’s majesty is present in each and everything around us. He calls us to His nature that He created and to His nature of being.  Can we take a moment today and pause to see what He is calling us to recognize?

Reference: Psalm 145:5 (New Living Translation)