day 3K249: The Unexpected

“The master will return unannounced and unexpected…”

It is hard to be ready for the unexpected, even though we know that the unexpected will always come.  As I write this, we are receiving another atmospheric river in the Bay Area.  Otherwise known as a bad storm with lots or rain and wind.  We know they are coming, but there is a high level of the unexpected that comes with them.  What’s very different about living on the west coast is that every one of the consumer weather apps can only show us the weather radar that is just off the coast, so what is out there over that big Pacific Ocean is for us, the unexpected.  To contrast, if you live in New York, you can see a week’s worth of weather coming.  I see the correlation with work.  For big, established companies and organizations, what is coming can be better seen than what the small start-up can see.  And when the storm hits, it might feel like a small gust to some and a devastating blow to others.  Either way, the unexpected will come and we do our best to prepare.

There is a positive side to the unexpected as the unexpectedness of Jesus is very exciting.  Unexpected in how He came to the earth, unexpected in how He conducted His life and ministry, unexpected in how He rose to live again, unexpected in how He can show up in our lives unexpectedly, and ultimately unexpected in when He will return.  Yet, at the same time He is consistent and faithful to us, all before us, and all after us.  So, if the unexpected has you troubled, then fall back on how Jesus has the unexpected totally under control.

Reference: Matthew 24:50 (New Living Translation)