day 3K246: The New Work Neighborhood

“The Flesh and Blood Word moved into the neighborhood”

We spent time in New York City over the holidays.  Patti, having grown up there and me having been there so many times I can’t count, are very familiar with the city and how it moves and flows.  It is different today than in 2019.  The pandemic changed how it works because it changed how people live and work.  So many office buildings that were once mini-hubs of activity, retail, restaurants and other services are now empty and will not be returning to their full capacity any time in the foreseeable future.  This change eliminates the hub and then away goes all those dependent upon them.  Yet, in large residential buildings new hubs are being built that support someone not just spending 8-10 hours there, but now spending 20-24 hours, venturing out much less than ever before.  Today we see new work neighborhoods that we couldn’t conceive of before.  Those who are in this work/live situation look for different amenities, proximity to services and ability to co-habitat with those around them.  Yes, it is welcome to the new work neighborhood.

God asks us daily to move into His neighborhood because He moved into ours to do His work.  Eugene Peterson’s The Message version of the Bible tells us so. If we believe that Christ is alive and well today then indeed He is moving in our neighborhood and wanting to come along side of us in our work.  It is a great thing!

Reference: John 1:18 (The Message Version)