day 3K179: Before A Fall…

“Haughtiness goes before destruction; humility precedes honor.”

I was listening to a podcast where Ric Elias was the guest.  If you don’t know him, he’s a serial very successful entrepreneur and a survivor of the fateful US Airways flight that landed in the Hudson River.  He said something that struck me. He said there are two types of people, “The humble…and those about to be humbled.”  Wow, is that true.  This past week we heard about the ousting of Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments. Not that long ago he was on top of the news for giving up his salary and paying everyone in his company a minimum of $70K.  And then, he got caught up in scandals about his behavior and before we could blink, he was out of his job.  Ric Elias said it; humble or about to be humbled.

Humility is not easy, especially in a work world where it is a meritocracy and whomever is trying to succeed is in competition with others. But, we have to work at it hard because it is what is expected of us.  And, we are told in Proverbs that if we are not humble, we will fall.  And really, who wants to knowingly fall?

Reference:  Proverbs 18:12 (New Living Translation)