day 3K170: Vampire Power

“But Jesus said, “Someone deliberately touched me, for I felt healing power go out from me.”

I’m thinking that you read today’s post headline and are saying, “Whoa, Rusty has gone off the deep end”.  Well, not quite, at least not yet.  No, there are no such things as Vampires but there is a thing known as “Vampire Power” and no, it is not a superpower, it is a draining power.  Vampire Power is the power that gets used from all of the devices that are plugged into our outlets, even though they aren’t being utilized at the time.  Think power cords, chargers, devices and appliances that are “off”, but not really.  Small units of power are being pulled from the grid and are being wasted and we are also getting charged for them at the same time.  It’s a good metaphor for what happens in our work.  We have people, issues, projects, etc. that aren’t in the forefront, but are “naggging” in the background of our minds or to-do-lists and they each day suck a little energy from us.  Put enough of them together and they start to really drain us.  So, it’s worth looking at what “vampires” do we have that it is way beyond time to unplug.

The sick woman in the Bible who so desperately needed healing had such faith that she knew if only she could touch Jesus’ robe, she would be healed.  Jesus felt His healing power go out of Him and to the woman.  What this tells me is that God is cool with us doing whatever it takes to reach Him and when we do, He will allow us to receive what He wants us to have.  We are taught everyday, with every message in our work and society to not rely or be dependent on others, but in God’s case, He wants us to turn it all over to Him and receive all of the power He has to give.

Reference: Luke 8:46 (New Living Translation)