day 3K173: The Shortest Day In Time

“Wisdom will multiply your days and add years to your life.”

I read this article:

“The Earth is spinning faster, and recently recorded its shortest day ever, scientists say. June 29, 2022 was 1.59 millisecond less than the average day, scientist Leonid Zotov told CBS News.The normal length of day is 24 hours, or 86,400 seconds. But in recent years, the Earth’s rotation has accelerated, shortening some days by milliseconds. “Since 2016 the Earth started to accelerate,” said Zotov, who works at works for Lomonosov Moscow State University and recently published a study on what might cause the changes in Earth’s rotation. “This year it rotates quicker than in 2021 and 2020.”

Our days are getting shorter, not just metaphorically, literally.  And yes, our days on this earth are getting shorter as we age. What does this tell us?  We likely can’t change the speed of the earth’s spinning, but we can be sure that we are making the most of the days we are given.  We dedicate time to our work.  Why would we waste even one minute when we only have so little time.  As we work today and as we design the work of tomorrow, how are we going about it so that not even a minute is lost?

Want to add more years to the time that we have?  God promises us that wisdom can give us more time.  That makes sense to me as wisdom wakes us up to moderation, taking care of ourselves and focusing on the right things and ignoring the wrong things.  Maybe the world slows down for us when we follow the direction that God has given us. And maybe, that is wisdom.

Reference: Proverbs 9:11 (New Living Translation)