day 3K171: Never Stop Innovating!

So you see, faith by itself isn’t enough. Unless it produces good deeds, it is dead and useless.

The conversation probably went something like this, “If we extend the current capability of our best product so that the user can experience greater benefits, then we will also be able to bring this new product to the market to broaden our offerings. It won’t be easy to get acceptance, but if we get the right people using the product with some success then we can market them for greater consumer adoption”.  Sound familiar?  This is the conversation of innovation. When the details behind the words are real, then innovation becomes a reality. And sometimes, that innovation can be too good.  A few years ago the PGA Tour and the PGA of America sided with the United States Golf Association to reaffirm then “Anchored-Stroke Ban”. Dead was the long putter.  Innovation that was just too good!  Seldom does this happen to us that what we invent and gain acceptance with is rejected in the marketplace (unless it is something of danger like drugs, foods, chemicals, etc.).  The long putter wasn’t about causing harm, it was about causing a threat to making the average player too good.  The lesson here is to not look at the result from these kinds of rulings and extend it into our thinking on innovation.  We should never stop testing the boundaries and extending our thinking because someone might knock us down. Instead, let’s continue to innovate and think “new” and not worry about those who will want to stop innovation.

God is a creator.  He is the founder of innovation.  He looks to us to also bring innovation to how we can bring glory to Him in our work. When was the last time that thought occurred to us?  We can all be innovative in our example and how we spread His message. These are the good deeds that we can do to demonstrate our faith!  Let’s consider today how we can innovate for Him!

Reference: James 2:17 (New Living Translation)