day 2803: “Everybody Is Talking About It”

But the man went and spread the word, proclaiming to everyone what had happened. As a result, large crowds soon surrounded Jesus, and he couldn’t publicly enter a town anywhere. He had to stay out in the secluded places, but people from everywhere kept coming to him.”

Patti, my wife, has a way of saying, “We need to see (watch, go to the movies, go to an event) this as everyone is talking about it.”  I like to say to her, “Who is everybody?” mostly to just to get to her.  But, usually she is right, everyone is talking about it, but that doesn’t always mean we should see it.  Thus, “The Tiger King”.  Everyone was really talking about it and it became the first shelter-in-place streaming breakthrough.  We watched it.  I didn’t get the fascination and I’d like to have the seven hours back.  Sometimes, we just can’t help ourselves that when the momentum gets going, we want to jump in.  Hollywood works hard to make this happen.  And, everyone once in a while they catch that lightning in the bottle and we go with them, whether its any good or not.  So, beware the next time you hear, “everybody loves it”.  That said, “The Last Dance” on ESPN is pretty good and everybody I know has… 🙂

I love how people couldn’t control themselves when they were exposed to Jesus.  Jesus would tell them to not tell anyone and then the next thing that would happen would be a village all flocking to see Him.  It was almost like Jesus had to stay on the run to get any peace, quiet or rest.  He was a phenomena and people could not help themselves from telling others and lighting the fire.  Jesus is the only one in history where that fire never died.  Long gone are the phenoms of the time (ask a kid who the Beatles were), but not Jesus.  And we are to now be the ones who keep that fire burning strong.  Let’s do so with all the same excitement as those who so fortunately were able to see him then in the flesh.

Reference: Mark 1:45 (New Living Translation)