day 2783: PVs

“You were running the race so well. Who has held you back from following the truth?”

In the running world we talk about PRs (personal records).  We think in the same terms about how our company is doing. We look for that next high water mark to tout and put out in front of our consumers, customers, the media and our customers. But, what if it is going to be a long time before we are able to set another PR? I read a great article by author, Jess Movold, who decided that this year, she wouldn’t chase PRs but instead, PVs (Personal Victories). You see, one is a time record, the other can be many different things.  As we think about how we will work our way back from this unprecedented time, our focus may want to be more on PVs than PRs.

Movold says that there are “five key essentials” for setting a successful PV:

  • Clarity – connecting deeply to a purpose
  • Flexibility – remain agile in how we get to our PV as there is more than one route/way
  • Support – we all need others to help and lean on along the way
  • Reflection – to see ahead its worth looking back from where we’ve been and where we are now
  • Joy – If we aren’t deriving joy from what we are doing – then we likely need to reset

Paul warns us that when we begin to falter in our “run/race” that we’ve likely lost our focus on seeking God; the truth. We are going to need PVs to keep us motivated (just like we need that list in front of us to keep us tracking along throughout the day) and those PVs will be so wonderful if we are feeling the fulfillment of God’s love fueling us forward.  So, as we think about our PVs for now and in the future, let’s be sure that they are grounded in what God wants of us and for us.

Reference: Galatians 5:7 (New Living Translation)

PS: One of my most loyal readers turns 85 today.  Happy Birthday Mother!