day 2784: Fault Lines

“Jesus knew their thoughts and replied, “Any kingdom divided by civil war is doomed.”

George Orwell told us, “War is peace”.  That means a common enemy can align us to a mission and everyone will come together to win.  But, common enemies are not always evident and it is good leaders who can boil down the threats to the one enemy and the effective actions can be taken against it. What is too easy to ,and we see it right now, is to not stay focused on the one driving enemy letting too many other competing enemies sneak in and before long we are as fractured and misaligned as we were before it all got started.  As leaders, when faced with a threat or competition it is on us to get to the root cause; identify and define it, and then put a plan in place, not backing off until the measurement of success we have decided upon is achieved.  Anything less, and we end up with fault lines all over the place, each making us more vulnerable to our own misgivings and doubts.

Jesus was trying to tell us something.  He was saying to us that if we aren’t with Him, we are in essence against Him because His work is that of loving all, caring for each other and collectively following Him as He asks us to do so.  So, when we leave behind others or ignore their care and well-being, in pursuit of our own desires, then we are breaking ranks with what God has shown us He is all about.  I am reminded so many times a day now that today is not about me, it is about somebody else.  Lord, let me not be a fault line in your Kingdom today.

Reference: Matthew 12:25 (New Living Translation)