A Special Saturday Post And Prayer Request

This is the Saturday before Easter 2020, an Easter like we have never experienced.

Our church doors tomorrow will be closed to protect one another from the Covid-19 Virus. It will be odd for us to be online tomorrow (which I hope we all will be as our children and us still need to be in church) but for those in the ministry, tomorrow will be beyond what most of us will experience.

There is only one day each year, when a Pastor or anyone who works in a church knows exactly where they will be and what they are to do; Easter Sunday.  Religious holidays move around on the days of the week, but Easter remains the same, year in and year out, like our God.  And yet tomorrow our Pastors won’t be able to be where they are called to be and I can’t imagine that feeling.  So, I want to ask you to join me in prayer today in both gratitude for our Pastors, Reverends, Ministers and Priests and also to lift up a prayer of peace and healing for them as they may feel a real sense of loss to not be in God’s House serving.

Let us not take for granted that here in the United States we can worship freely and we are blessed to be able to do so and it is a gift to have those who commit their livelihood and lives to teaching, caring and loving on us.

Happy early Easter!