day 2757: Biding Our Time

“Two full years later, Pharaoh dreamed that he was standing on the bank of the Nile River.”

We are impatient by nature.  And then add that we are naturally filled with a sense of seniority and entitlement. We consider that lines that we must queue up for as part of how we live, but at the same time we try and find ways to shortcut them through purchase or maneuver our way up in the lines that are in front of us.  Sometimes lines are meant to be legitimately jumped but in most cases we are to wait our turn and be patient.  We won’t always make it through before the light changes, but if we try to make it we do it with great risk.

Joseph waited for two years in prison.  Two years in a jail, regardless of the time or circumstances is a long time.  Why would God leave such a great person and example for all of us locked away for two years?  Maybe not for us to know God’s reasons but possibility Joseph spent that time getting better ready for the next steps for him.  We know he was not idle and earned favor and was given responsibilities to administer other prisoners.  Undoubtedly, he learned something and that learning was good for him.  And quite possibly, for any myriad of reasons, he just wasn’t ready for what God had for him next. This might be happening to us right now in our career and jobs.  The doors just aren’t opening.  The promotion is not coming.  We feel stuck where we are.  But, are we really stuck or are we just biding God’s timing for us?  When we think about it that way, what is right in front of us right now to do can look a lot better than it did before.

Reference: Genesis 41:1 (New Living Translation)