day 2767: Emergency Goalies

“And she will have a son, and you are to name him Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.”

You can always learn something new. I did this past weekend when an NHL team ran out of goalies (both were hurt) and the “emergency goalie” was brought in.  I didn’t know that every team must have a designated emergency goalie who, like an understudy, is hanging around every game in case the unlikely happens and the team doesn’t have anyone who can be put in that position.  In this case, the operations manager and former Zamboni driver was the designated emergency goalie and in he came and “saved” the game.  It made me think about the people we have on our teams who, in the pinch, could come in and do the job needed to be done, but we never “designate” them as such or even recognize that they have the talent, expertise or experience to do so.  Instead, we slot people into their one job and seem to forget everything else they can do, or have done. It might be that you have the need for your own “emergency goalie” and today would be a great day to start identifying who that might be.

Is it too far of a stretch to remind ourselves today that we have one who can make all of the “saves” for us each and every day?  That we when we go to work to face challenges, conflicts or people who disagree who are looking to make our lives harder that in our net, having our backs at all times, is the best of the best, and on the back of His jersey, the name that stands out above all the rest, “Jesus”.

Reference:  Matthew 1:21 (New Living Translation)

PS: Have a blessed Ash Wednesday.  Easter is near!