day 2756: Being Cooperative

“Do not be like a senseless horse or mule that needs a bit and bridle to keep it under control”

Invariably, we will run into people who are really smart, they might be younger than others, they have behind them accomplishments and accolades and they have all the potential in the world. But, they have one problem; they just don’t like to be cooperative with others.  We each know that person and we each know that that person was not someone that we aspired to be like. It might have been that we didn’t even really like that person and would never have considered being their friend outside of work.  Being cooperative and someone who encourages and models cooperation is the one that others look up to and we will go the extra mile for them.  Which are we known as being the cooperative one or the one who doesn’t like to cooperate?

The Psalmist, using the analogy of the “senseless” horse or mule who does not cooperate, is very clear that we are not to be that way.  Consider how we are perceived when we refuse to cooperate with others.  And think harder about how powerful the witness can be when we do cooperate with others around us.

Reference: Psalm 32:9 (New Living Translation)