day 2745: Clearing A Way

“Prepare the way for the Lord’s coming! Clear the road for him!”

It’s the end of the second week of the new year and the new decade.  We are likely working right now to continue on with our goals, objectives and resolutions.  There is no guarantee that we can keep our momentum going but I’ve learned over the years that if I spent enough time clearing a way for the best chance of achieving my goals, then I have a much better probability that those goals will be met.  I was on the phone yesterday with one of the CEO’s that I advise and he was going through the goals of the coming year and in one area of the business he said to me, “I’ll probably not hit this goal (remember, it’s only eight days into the year) because I didn’t make the management changes I should have made at the end of last year.”  The way was not cleared to get done what needed to get done and now the goal will be behind, or not met at all. The point is that we need to clear the way if we are heading into a new path or we could end up being caught up in the brambles and never move forward.

John the Baptist was not talking about a physical clearing of a road for the coming of Jesus.  He was talking about us clearing a way within our hearts and our lives.  The words hold true today.  We must always be clearing the way for Him.  It means thinking really hard about what is standing in the way of allowing Him to lead our lives and then making the commitment to clearing a way for Him!  If we are pursuing a deeper living with Christ, there has to be some clearing out, so let’s get to it as our year is still in the early days.

Reference: Luke 3:4 (New Living Translation)