day 2581: A Moment Of Loyalty

“Trust in the Lord and do good. Then you will live safely in the land and prosper.”

As I write this I am struck by the number of stories I have heard recently from people about the uneasy feeling of doubt about the loyalty of their employer towards them and their co-workers.  The Tesla and Space-X layoffs in the same week might have triggered something in the zeitgeist as the question arises, “Does Elon know something about the economy that is a shadow coming?” Regardless, if we are feeling a question in the back of our mind, we have to work hard to not let that anxiety take us over.  It is in these moments that we make rash decisions or show our feelings and others will take that as a sign that we might also not being loyal back.  It’s in the times of building concern that we will hear from headhunters and others who will try and prey on this and convince us that the grass is greener on the other side.  It might be.  But, it might be that it only looks greener because our emotions are a little unsteady at the time.  Consider exercising a moment of loyalty today.  That means, go to work with full intentions of being where you are now, without concern, without doubt and with that focus, see how the day goes.

No matter where we are in our faith journey (on day one or too many days and years to count) we can run into doubts and fears that can make us question God’s loyalty to us and ours to Him.  Our verse today can come alive for us if we only act upon what the Psalm tells us; “trust and do”.  When we take those moments to be loyal and committed to God, He returns to us safety where we are, right now, and the promise goes further, that we will “prosper”.  Today, can be a great day for living out our loyalty.

Reference: Psalm 37:3 (New Living Translation)