day 2580: You to We

“The second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ No other commandment is greater than these.””

It was August 1, 2003 in Santa Monica, CA that Chris DeWolfe, Tom Anderson and Jon Hart founded a nascent social media site; MySpace. Two years later it was on top of the world and so dominant that there was discussion about whether or not anyone else could legally use the modifier “My”.  At SNOCAP  we did (MyStore) but only because we had a deal with MySpace and the MyStores resided only on MySpace pages.  Even then the lawyers and PR people were nervous.  And now 16 years later, no one really owns the term “My” in the zeitgeist.  We have progressed?  Today, the term is “We”.  WeWork changed the name of their parent company to “The We Company”.  WeWork will only be a brand extension, with the plan being to create WeLive, WeGrow, etc.  My guess is that somewhere lawyers are advising others against any modifier that starts with “We”.  How times change and how they don’t.

I loved a few weeks ago when the coach of the Clemson football team while accepting the Championship trophy said that he was filled with “JOY” and that “JOY” is the love of Jesus, Others and Yourself, in that order.  Yes, our God is all about our love for Him first and then all around us.  Our “We”.  As we go about our work today, what can we do to move the focus away from “My”, shift it to “We,” and make it all because of Him.

Reference:  Mark 12:31 (New Living Translation)