day 2575: ASIC

“There are different kinds of spiritual gifts, but the same Spirit is the source of them all.”

If you are reading this on your smartphone or your PC, it is likely that the device is being powered by an Intel chip that is allowing you to process many applications at once.  It is why they are described as “multi-processing chips”. They are very powerful and have made possible our ability to have WAZE on while we are listening to an Audible book and emails are being delivered all at the same time.  But, some processing work demands all the processing power to go to one specific task and those chips are called an “ASIC”; an application specific integrated circuit.  An ASIC is what allows very power-hungry processing to get dedicated attention so to remove risk of failure (think space travel computing) and long, complicated and hard equation solving (think blockchain and bitcoin) calculations.  Without ASICs we couldn’t do so many things we need and with the increase of those kinds of applications coming into our work (yes, we can be bitcoin miners if we desire) we will see more of the ASIC chips hanging around.  There is a metaphor for us here.  Our organization is like an Intel multi-processing chip, our individual people are our AISCs, maybe even our secret ingredients to our success.  We need to pay attention to all our “chips” if we are to ultimately be the best we can be.

We are taught by Paul that we are provided different gifts and part of our challenge on our spiritual journey is to find which of those gifts we have and then to utilize it/them to our fullest for God’s glory.  Yes, we are an ASIC for God.  And, at the same time we are to never forget where the source of those gifts emanate from.  God is the ultimate multi-processing super chip that allows us all to be within His world together.  And, He has empowered us to go out into this world for Him in our own specific yet integrated way.  Today, think about what that way into the world for Him is for you.

Reference: 1 Corinthians 12:4 (New Living Translation).