day 2741: On The Move

“For in him we live and move and exist.

We may be more on the go, but we are less on the move.  Axios reports: “Fewer than 10% of Americans moved to new places in the 2018-2019 year, the lowest rate since the Census Bureau began tracking domestic relocations in 1947.” For perspective, that’s less than half of the number of Americans who annually moved in the 1950’s. There are real ramifications for us with this change. If our businesses are where there isn’t enough talent, then we are going to have a harder and harder time relocating someone to work for us.  Think more money, more perks and more assurances.  Unfortunately, because someone doesn’t want to physically relocate doesn’t mean that they still won’t look for better jobs.  So, ironically, we are going to have to do more to attract and retain inside of labor markets where the competition heats up. Net, either way, we are going to have to work harder in the coming years and decade to attract and retain talent as they get more and more particular or set in their home ways.

God wants to move us.  Not relocate us, but to move within us so that we can move for Him throughout our work and our lives.  When we decide to surrender ourselves to the movement that the Holy Spirit wants to make with us, it is then that we will be moving in the direction that is His will.  We have an exciting year in front of us. We can’t predict the ways it will move, but we can know that God’s intention with us is to move us closer to Him and to move us towards those that need them in their lives.  So, yes, let’s be on the move for Christ in 2020.

Reference: Acts 17:28 (New Living Translation)