day 2569: Don’t Fear The Room

“Don’t call everything a conspiracy, like they do, and don’t live in dread of what frightens them.”

The Broadway smash hit, Hamilton, has a song that the character Aaron Burr sings called “The room where it happens”  Burr laments that he wasn’t in the room with Hamilton, Jefferson and Madison where they cut the deal to move the capitol to Washington, D.C. in exchange for centralizing the US monetary system at the federal level of government. Burr demands to be in the room where it happens, or that if he isn’t he is missing out and that just can’t be. We have all felt that FOMO and want to be in the room, but we have also had the fear that when we are in the room that there are already things happening that are unsaid and which we are unaware.  This can cause a feeling that there is a conspiracy being hatched and that we will be the victims.  What is the answer to both fears?  If we practice extreme transparency and allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to accept criticism and take straight feedback without becoming defensive, then we will have a better chance of being in the room and also the feelings and opinions of the room will be known to us.  Net, just don’t fear the room.  Fear gets us no where.

We are not be people of fear or dread.  There are too many of God’s promises available to us for us to live in fear.  We have to ask ourselves this question:  “Why would God open this door, put me here in this room of possibility and opportunity just to abandon me here alone to watch me fail?  He wouldn’t.  We are His children and while we have the freedom to run into the streets, if we stay close to Him, He let’s us know where to curb ourselves before we are harmed. Remember, He’s actually always in the room with us, no matter what room that is.

Reference: Isaiah 8:12 (New Living Translation)