day 3K223: Crisis of Comfort

“All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is our merciful Father and the source of all comfort.”

Happy Monday.  I hope your long holiday was great.  Somewhere along the last few days you might have thought or said to yourself, “I gotta change up a few things”.  Those changes could be getting in shape, eating and/or drinking less, working less or differently, hanging out with different people, making better choices, etc.  When we get some time to ourselves like we do over holidays and vacations we begin to think about change and maybe even shaking ourselves out of our comfort zones at work and in life.  I was listening to a podcast and heard Michael Easter talk about the “Crisis of Comfort”.  We can become too comfortable in our current situation and even though we need to make a change and shift, we are stuck in our comfort.  Easter says that there is much to be gained if we face the crisis of comfort and challenge ourselves.  It won’t come without discomfort.  If we want be more fit, we are going to have to work out longer and harder than we are now.  If we want to shed those Thanksgiving pounds we are going to have go hungry at some point.  If we want to improve our mental health we are going to ask and answer some hard questions.  If we want to improve our work situation we might have to take a risk and confront others or change jobs.  None of this is easy but if we at the point where we feel we are in a crisis of comfort, know that there could be more good on the other side if make the choice to address the crisis.

As we face our humanly crisis’ of comfort, God promises that we have the great comforter of Jesus in our corner.  God is the god of growth and rejuvenation.  He created us knowing that we would go through these times and He provided us with Him to reach for to support and lead us through the times of need and improvement!  Let’s never go it alone. Instead, let’s reach to Him today to show us what we should be addressing and overcome any crisis.

Reference: 2 Corinthians 1:3 (New Living Translation)