day 3K217: When Others Think Us Crazy

“When his family heard what was happening, they tried to take him away. “He’s out of his mind,” they said.”

We are going through a major reset in the Tech industry.  I stand behind that this is not anything close to what happened in 2020 when the Internet Bubble burst, but there is definitely a reset occurring.  What is fascinating right now is that some of the biggest dreamers of our time (Musk, Zuckerberg, etc.) are having a moment of reckoning and are even beginning to be called “crazy” for how they have managed and led during this last cycle of growth.  I’ve written before, “Growth masks a lot of problems”.  I think this is part of what is going on right now.  The past 12 years have been up and to the right.  There are people leading large parts of companies today that only know hyper-growth and have let themselves, and their companies, get ahead of themselves in spending and hiring.  Those of us who have been through the cycles (many times) know that you can’t go crazy in the best of times and you will be called crazy when you slow things down before everyone else does.  But, sometimes being crazy is more like being ahead of the curve.

When you read the verse above out of context the first reaction might be that someone was writing about one of the possessed, or someone seeking healing or help, or even an onlooker who was trying to get close to Jesus.  But, when you read the third chapter of Mark you will see that this statement is from the family of Jesus as they saw that Jesus and His disciples were ministering to the point of exhaustion without food or sleep.  They thought Jesus was “crazy”.  Well, they were wrong, but at the time they were only responding as maybe any of us would have; questioning, doubting, worrying and even feeling in a place of fear.  At some point, we all might be looked at as “crazy” or out of our mind, especially if we we are following what God has put on our hearts to do and how to be for Him.  The next time someone thinks we might have “lost it”, consider that a compliment.

Reference: Mark 3:21 (New Living Translation)