3K192: Let Go…

“Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in Me.”

A company owner I know just won’t let go.  He doesn’t let go of anything.  And, as such he has become a bottleneck to growth for the company.  Down deep inside, he knows it, but too much of his own self-worth and self-esteem is wrapped up in what he does, versus letting others do.  The other part of this is that those who need to be doing more to learn and grow are being stunted. Letting go is hard and if we are ones who have that struggle, think not only about why we should for ourselves, but also way we should for the good and growth of others.

We are fortunate because we can finish “Let go…” with “…Let God”.   Letting go of what God wants us to relinquish to Him can be way harder than learning to delegate or stop doing some tasks at work but the rewards of “Let God” is that He not only can take from us what we need to “Let Go…” but He can also take whatever it is away for good.

Reference: John 14:1 (New Living Translation)