day 3K182: JOLTS

“So we will not fear when earthquakes come and the mountains crumble into the sea.”

“That was some jolt”.

Think about that statement.

What was your first reaction to the word “Jolt”?  Did the word conjure a negative or positive connotation?  I suspect if you are like me, it might be that you thought of it as a negative, as in a jolt we might get from turbulence on an airplane, or being rear-ended by another car, or what it feels like when there is an earthquake/tremor, or when we get the phone call that makes us drop into our seats or even onto our knees.  Maybe as humans we just don’t like jolts. The U.S. Government actually uses the acronym “J.O.L.T.S.” for the “Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey”.  Each month that report is released with the economy looking for a positive jolt in the numbers.  Sometimes it is good and sometimes it is bad results, but either way we set ourselves up for hoping for a positive jolt.  What “jolts” do we have in our business that we might always be keeping people on the edge about, that if we could just remove the fear of a negative, we might all feel better about the results we are waiting for?

Without a doubt, God uses jolts to get our attention and to remind us that He is God.  The Holy Spirit can jolt us into attention and the test and tribulations that we might encounter are meant to jolt us back to Him.  But, he is also the God who smooths it out for us so that any jolt we experience comes back to a place of peace and resting.  So, let’s today, if we get one of those jolts of life, be reminded that He is on the job, at work, working on us to bring us closer to Him.

Reference: Psalm 46:2 (New Living Translation)