day 3K184: How Far Can We See?

“Jesus replied, “You have said it. And in the future you will see the Son of Man seated in the place of power at God’s right hand and coming on the clouds of heaven.”

The Human eye can see a long way. According to Live Science, “How far the human eye can see depends on how many particles of light, or photons, a distant object emits. The farthest object visible with the naked eye is the Andromeda galaxy, located an astonishing 2.6 million light-years from Earth.”  That’s a long way.  The new James Webb Telescope is capturing images that are 32 million light-years from Earth and the pictures are stunning. How far we can see is important, not only literally but also metaphorically as we attempt to peek into the future and strategically plan.  Some people are gifted as futurists.  They just have a way of seeing around the corner.  Others, need to wait and see before they are confident enough to describe what is in front of them.  Regardless, we need in our companies those who can envision a future and those who can take that vision and translate it into what we need to do today and tomorrow.  Both are essential skills to reside within an organization.

Jesus, obviously, can see into the future and He gave us a glimpse of what it will be.  He let us know that He will be right there for us as He sits on the right hand of God.  We can, and we should, do our best to see as far as we can and discern what it is that God’s wants us to see about our own future. But, I like to think that if I can look far enough to believe that He is coming on the clouds of Heaven back for you and me, then all that is in between here and there is a daily path to Him.

Reference: Matthew 26:64 (New Living Translation)