day 2716: Companies Don’t Go To Heaven

“Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.”

A few weeks ago we had a great guest on our Faith Driven Entrepreneur podcast (Greg Leith – his episode will air sometime soon) and he said something that will stick with me forever; “Companies don’t go to heaven”. It’s a great reminder and lesson that there is a real danger in thinking that the output of our companies or organization are what God is watching for and favoring?  Of course God wants us to maximize and see our talents utilized for His glory and I think he does smile on us when we are an example of a commitment to being and doing our best, but like praying for a football team to win, other than what that victory or loss may do to change the openness of a soul to Him, He’s not looking at the season standings.  (I know, I am going to hear from the New Orleans Saints and fans who think they have a higher status to God than the rest of us. Sorry Drew. 😊 ) Similarly, God isn’t counting market share points, Net Promoter Scores, or EBITDA growth. There won’t be a stock ticker in Heaven!  So, let’s do our best to not get the output of what we do confused with the why we do it.

Reference: Colossians 3:23 (New Living Translation)