day 2710: Change Of Perspective

“So they left by boat for a quiet place, where they could be alone.”

I’ve been reading Marc Benioff’s latest book, “Trailblazer”.  One of the things he does annually is to digitally detox for two weeks to a month.  As I read of the times that he has done so and the freeing of his mind in those times, I was brought back to a few months ago when I did the same – although not to his extent (he mails his phone – along with his laptop- to where his last destination will be at the end of his trip) and the calming of my mind and the clarity of my thinking.  Pastor Mark Batterson from Washington, DC puts it this way: “A Change of Pace + A Change of Place = A Change of Perspective”.  Too many times we try to change our perspective but we aren’t willing to change the inputs of pace and place.  Those who do subscribe to the change of pace and place approach will tell you how not only freeing this can be, but how if practiced in larger doses that there is the possibility of a rewiring (returning) of how our brains to how it wants to operate.  We all may not be able to take the time for a full rewiring, but consider what we might be able to do for a day, or an afternoon, to change our pace and change our place as look for a new perspective.

How can we hear God and find the Holy Spirit if we are not quiet and still to find Him?  Imagine what new perspective that might be open up to us today?

Reference: Mark 6:32 (New Living Translation)