day 2714: Two For The Price Of Three

“Your scales and weights must be accurate. Your containers for measuring dry materials or liquids must be accurate.”

“Hurry and call now or purchase before midnight and you will get two for the price of three!” That would be crazy right?  Two for the price of three means I’m not getting a deal at all.  But, because we are so conditioned to pay attention to the time-frame and the urgent call to action, we can miss not only the fine print but the terms themselves. We should be smarter as consumers, but there are too many examples of us not being so to refute that we are way more gullible than we should be. As those who market, sell and produce for consumers being sensitive to that so that we don’t become a company that uses the naive consumer to our advantage would be the right way to go about our business.

It’s sometimes hard to explain to others why we must have a higher standard in our work than those who are not driven by their faith.  We can overtly explain why we can’t do certain things, but when that isn’t an option, we can go about our business where we have the opportunity to make sure that our values and principles get baked in to what we are responsible.  We can do our part to be sure that we aren’t the authors of the get two for the price of three actions/approaches within our own work.

Reference: Leviticus 19:36 (New Living Translation)