day 2711: Stay or Go?

And they stayed there with the believers for a long time.”

I’ve done enough exit interviews and heard the stories of why people change their jobs to know that many leave their jobs because they don’t want to stay and work through the issues that they have, that is, to fight for what needs to be done.  We tend to think it easier to flee than fight.  But, then why don’t we fight harder? I think it is partly human nature.  We can’t really change this because it is in our nature to protect ourselves and many times the best way to protect ourselves is to remove the danger by fleeing the situation.  But, that isn’t the only solution for us.  We can also stay where we are and do what have to do to make it better and don’t run away until we have exhausted all options in front of us.

I recently read a book by former oil executive, Terry Looper.  In it he says that the “the Spirit inclines us ‘to stay and obey’ rather than to ‘run and resist’. To run or resist is our instinctive, human response; to stay and obey is the Christian’s Spirit-led response.”  As I read this, it was impressed on me that this is not to be only in the big things in front of us, but in all instances, so that we can apply the principle in all of our work.  So, let’s be reminded today that when out tendencies scream at us to run, that God is calling out to us to sit with Him, wait on Him and to do this in obedience to Him.

Reference: Acts 14:28 (New Living Translation)