day 2291: A to B or A and B to C First?

“If another member of the church sins against you, go and point out the fault when the two of you are alone.”

If we are managers or team leaders, we have undoubtedly been faced with this situation; someone on our team comes to us about someone else and we asked the question, “Have you talked to (name of the person) about this?” And then the answer is this, or something like this; “I haven’t.  I can’t. They’d never listen to me. You have to talk to them.”  And then we reach the moment of truth.  Do we push it back to the individual to do what they should and talk to each other?  Or, do we take the responsibility from where it should be and shoulder it ourselves?  When we do the latter, we are adding an unnecessary channel of communication to the organization, which can only add more confusion, consternation and politics.  So, we are better off when A talks directly to B and doesn’t have to go around to C.

As we work today and come into conflict or disagreement with others, let’s do what we are taught and be direct, not having someone else intervene on our behalf. Anyone who we are dealing with directly can only respect us and respect is something we can build upon.

Reference: Matthew 18:15 (New Revised Standard Version)