day 2407: All At Once

Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.”

Here in the Bay Area we have a crisis.  No, it is not what I have written about regarding technology platforms and the issues that are surrounding them, it is a crisis of “Scooters”.  Yes, I wrote, scooters, as in two-wheeled transportation vehicles, some electric-powered, some not. One would think that we would welcome new ways of transportation that are eco-friendly and more convenient. And, I believe we would have had not there been hundreds, if not thousands of scooters showing up all at once.  We are not built to receive too much at once.  I imagine had the three scooter companies who have entered the San Francisco market, slowed down, rolled out gently, taught people through marketing how to use scooters to improve transportation there wouldn’t be the pushback.  But, that is not what we do today.  Instead, we are in the age of “all at once”.  What lives below this is the old adage that it is better to ask for forgiveness versus permission. And this is where we run into problems.  All at once, seldom, if ever, works.  We are better when we test, assimilate, train and ensure that our customers and consumers are ready for what we have to offer.

It is not God’s way for us to expect anything all at once. In our careers we would love if everything we have dreamed, just showed up.  But, that is not how it works. In fact, all at once in our careers, when it happens, usually doesn’t end well. We are taught to wait on the Lord and trust on what that outcome will be.  That doesn’t mean we are not to have ambitions, dreams and goals.  But, it does mean that we shouldn’t find ourselves disappointed, depressed, discouraged or desperate because what we expect has not come to us when we thought it would.  It comes down to where we place our priorities.  If our priority is for it to come to us all at once, then we end up where we shouldn’t be. But, if our priority is to bring glory to God in all that we do and following Him, then He will deliver.  That we can count on!

Reference: Psalm 27:14 (New Living Translation)

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