day 3K352: Predisposition To Participate

“But instead, they went out and spread his fame all over the region.”

Geneticists think that they might have found a genetic predisposition to participate.  What this means is that if we have an inclination to volunteer or participate in surveys, research or any form of giving of ourselves that it might be a genetic predisposition that we received from our parents or other ancestors.  Now, this is far from being proven since most of the research has come from those who participate in medical or science research and there are all kinds of factors that might drive one family to be participatory (like medical histories) and others to not. Still, it’s an interesting supposition as we learn about one’s history and where their reasons for getting involved, or not, come from.

Our faith calls for us to participate.  If our spiritual genealogy has us as children of God, then we have in us the calling to spread what God has done and is doing in our lives to today.  It’s who we are supposed to be.

Reference:  Matthew 9:31 (New Living Translation)