day 3K343: Confidential

Jesus replied, ‘What I teach is widely known because I have preached regularly in the synagogues and the Temple. I have been heard by people everywhere, and I teach nothing in private that I have not said in public.”

I was called to a confidential meeting.  In that meeting what was spoken about was to remain confidential for a time frame until the proper communications could be made.  This “meeting” happens thousands of times a day in companies all across the spectrum of industry.  There is nothing wrong with these meetings as decisions sometimes have to be made in confidence.  Many a deal or an acquisition decision happens confidentially and is later made public.  The trick here is time.  Nothing remains confidential for long once others get involved.  We as humans are too tempted to “look important” or “in the know” to keep confidences quiet for long.  I’ve always counseled and practiced that nothing is secret so don’t be fooled into operating as if it is.

I believe Jesus modeled a wonderful way for us in how we communicate and express our opinions.  He in fact once again proved that He was not of the world in that He taught publicly before he taught privately.  That means that he didn’t sit with a small group of people and “practice” or “let them in on something” before he took it to the people publicly.  What a powerful lesson this is and what a reminder to me that His way was and is the way of a Truth that cannot be denied.

Reference:  John 18: 20 (New Living Translation)