day 3K351: Beware The A.I.dvice

“Though good advice lies deep within the heart, a person with understanding will draw it out.”

As you have read before, I am generally bullish on what Generative AI is doing and will do for us.  However, I do worry about our general tendency to “take the easy way out” and allow A.I. to supplant or replace our critical thinking and decision making. If we are really honest with ourselves we can look all around us and see the effects of failed education systems and approaches and how that has stunted our ability to independently think critically and form our own opinions that comes from investigation and introspection.  As such, new technology has played to these faults and we allow for the technology to somehow feel smarter and better to just “go with”.  I”m guilty too.  Waze has replaced any thinking and reasoning that I had to do about getting from one place to another by car.  I also can find myself believing what I read because I saw it more than once on the same social media site.  And, I default to the fitness devices to tell me when and how much to run, instead of listening to my own body enough. Thus, my fear of taking too much advice from A.I..  There will more and more coming at us and that advice will begin to feel more like direction and instruction.  When it does, then let’s be aware and even be beware of just blindly following what is being generated.

Salesforce states this in their A.I. policy:

  • “Salesforce prohibits using AI to offer individualized advice that would normally require a licensed professional, such as a lawyer or financial adviser.”

It doesn’t say anything about the rest who give unlicensed advice.  Let’s be wary of the spiritual advice that we might receive from A.I..  It won’t all be wrong but it won’t all be right either and it doesn’t take much for anyone of us to stumble because we receive the wrong advice.

Reference: Proverbs 20:5 (New Living Translation)