day 3K90: Leaving Room

“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.”

Sensory Specific Satiety is something we all have.  But we don’t know that we have it, until we do.  It’s not a bad thing.  In fact, it is a good thing.  It might even kick in this weekend as we enjoy the festivities of watching the Super Bowl (Go Bengals!).  There are food manufacturers who are counting on our sensory specific satiety.  So, what is it: “Sensory-specific satiety is a sensory hedonic phenomenon that refers to the declining satisfaction generated by the consumption of a certain type of food, and the consequent renewal in appetite resulting from the exposure to a new flavor or food.”  In a nutshell, it is what allows us to be really stuffed at dinner but still have “left room” for dessert.  It’s also our bodies’ way of trying to keep us balanced with the nutrients that we consume.  Our bodies want us to be balanced, which is why if we listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us, we might find that we need to change some of our ways.  I’m hearing more and more from those who are working remotely that they can’t find any balance between their work and the rest of their lives.  The blurring of the two has been seen a positive for many but having work so “close” has turned that screen in the other room of the house into a siren that is constantly calling for a little more of our time.  We can’t just fill up on work, or let our employees do so.  We all need to be sure to “leave room” for more in life.

When I have failed to leave room for those things in my life that are most important, it is usually because I have made the wrong choice of allocating time and energy towards what really matters.  I will let the trivial or the what appears to be critical to do now stuff jump to the front of the line, not leaving me with any room to do other things that I know are more imperative for the long run.  When this happens, we can get frustrated with ourselves, maybe even angry, or depressed and then that starts another whole cycle that becomes hard to break.  God reminds us though that if we love Him and are doing our best, He will balance us out and make sure that all things work together for the good.  Yes, He has a way of always leaving room for us to come back to Him no matter what.

Reference:  Romans 8:28 (New Living Translation)