day 3K89: Hitting Mung

“Be still, and know that I am God!”

Last week I wrote of the “Lie Flat” posture to work that so many are today taking.  But, not everyone wants to just check out but they are seeking a way to not have a “mind stuck in perpetual motion”.  Mark Ellwood of BusinessWeek wrote of the phenomena in South Korea called “Mung”.  Mung is about slowing down, clearing our mind and getting to what Mark describes as “proactive blankness”.  How would one do that?  Well, the Mung has people going into movie theaters for a 40-minute movie called Flight which is nothing more than what we might see if we stared out our airplane window for 40 minutes at the clouds as we passed them.  The idea is to empty one’s mind to give it a rest.  Where this leads to is what is called ART (Attention Restoration Theory), which sounds new, but we all do it at one point another when we take that walk in the park to clear our heads or get lost in our thoughts as we stare at the burning fireplace.  What is new that there are now businesses cropping up that give us a place, space and time to try and find the restoration from our perpetual pounding upon our brain.  It might be something to practice, but maybe not quite at work just yet.  We’ve come a long way but 40 minutes of taking up a conference room to stare out the window into the sky might still be a little away from being readily accepted. 🙂

Sometimes God calls on us to be still so that we can know Him.  It may be one of the hardest challenges for those of us who are driven to succeed and achieve.  Could it be today that we are to take a step back, slow down our minds and find a place where we can hear what God is trying to say to us?  He will meet us where we are, so let’s take the time to give Him our stillness.

Reference: Psalm 46:10 (New Living Translation)